Marathon Running almost not possible due to back pain

In April 2010, Yahoo! contributor William H. Sloan had just completed his 14th half marathon and had lost 50 pounds. Unfortunately, instead of feeling strong and healthy, Sloanís back hurt so much that he decided to stop racing.

More than a year later, after the break from running didnít ease his back pain (and half the weight had returned), Sloan saw a doctor of chiropractic. The DC adjusted Sloanís back and talked to him about good nutrition and posture. After just a couple of weeks, Sloan had more energy, could sit comfortably at his desk at work and was ready to run again.

He attributes his second full marathon finish in December 2011 to chiropractic care, and he has a full racing schedule planned for the months ahead. Read more about Sloanís story here.

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Source: American Chiropractic Association,